Maison Carita Paris, Frankreich
Nominierung 2023 in der Kategorie Internationales Projekt
Lichtkompetenz GmbH
Binzstrasse 23
8045 Zürich
Internationales Projekt
Joerg Krewinkel
Lalyo Penev
Teodora Kukova
Zvezdina Ivanova
Fotos: Lalyo Penev
L‘Oréal, Clichy
Weitere Projektbeteiligte
Architekt | Innenarchitekt: REV Architecture, Paris

The legendery Parisian beauty salon of the reknown brand Carita - La Maison de Beaute, located in the very center of Paris has been undergoing a complete makeover since 2019 and is scheduled to reopen it’s doors to the public in October. The building will be used as a exclusive high-end beauty and hair salon, as well as a showcase for the latest skincare products from L’Oreal.

The project scope involved the complete interior of the first 4 floors of the 5 story building as well as the façade lighting.

The new architecture has a more minimal and clean look – very sparse use of colour, focusing mostly on the play of contrast between white and black. A big focus point to the entire project is the arc, as part of the brand indentity, which appears in numerous places with various applications.

The main lighting approach was to underline the architectural character, while also creating excitement and variation to the monochrome space. A splash of coloured light, a very nude pink, is introduced to the atrium arch uplighting, while the grand arched entrance creates even bigger contrast between traditional and modern architecture with a bolder RGB ambient glow.

The general lighting comes from a family of custom built recessed, pendant and wall mounted glass luminaires giving out soft ambient light, while they themselves act as carpet of shining jewels.

In the specialized treatment rooms a variation of different lighting mediums have been developed to be able to create the various mood scenes the function of the room requires. Indirect grazing and shelf lighting to accent the shapes and furniture, miniature spots to highlight the artwork, and geenral light from the oversized custome made diffused light fields, with a textile finish that provides a gentle, tactile feeling to the luminaire in the very low ceiling space.

Crisp 3500K CCT and narrow beam optics have been used to make the products in all retail displays, which also follow the overall monochrome theme stand out in the otherwise warmer surrounding.

The signiture of the lighting design here is the more dominant role it takes. Taking one step further from a pure invisible support to the architectural form and becoming one of the main elements of extravagance and expression in the space.



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